Paulo Majano (1.7k)

The moment I arrived in Vancouver in 1992 I was struck by the peoples relationship to the landscape, the way the city is inexorably linked to its physical place. The West Coast, the imaginary place associated with nature, a laid back attitude, and (at that time) boundless prosperity, was in reality a far richer place for its subtle contradictions, at once mundane and unique, in effect: a city.

  These photographs record aspects of the city which have fascinated me from the beginning, as seen now from a point of familiarity. The three series in the exhibition document the landscape from the point of view of the city dweller.

  "Burrard Inlet" is an ongoing series of photographs documenting the narrow stretch of water at the entry point to the city of Vancouver. Looking northwest from English Bay, these images document the urban activity on Burrard Inlet, looking out to the Strait of Georgia. Photographed regularly since August 2000 at different times of day, the images depict the constant change of the landscape, and the ubiquitous tankers, cruise ships, planes, and recreational boats, as urban activity negotiates a place for itself within it.

  The series "Landscape" presents a view of the sky and a close up view of the ground simultaneously. A mirror reflects the sky, and structures overhead, collapsing foreground/background, top/bottom, into one plane. This is landscape in the city, truncated, negating a panoramic vista.

  The aesthetic of the facades of office and residential buildings in Vancouver is the subject of the series "Structure-Windows". The grid, that ideal structure of organization, now inhabited in the form of a dwelling or a working space, is transformed. No longer ideal, it is acted upon by the activity within it, and around it. There is evidence not only of human activity, but also of the actions of individuals.

Paulo Majano

Tankers (10.3k) Artist: Paulo Majano
Title: Tankers
Date: 2001

British Columbia
V6K1B1 Vancouver
1525 Granville st
(604) 732-0845

Backyard (2.7k) Title: Backyard
Date: 2001
Window (3k) Title: Window
Date: 2001
Backyard (2.5k) Title: Backyard
Date: 2001

Solo ExhibitionsGroup Exhibitions
  • March 1988 - Galerie Pinado, Montreal "De l'Abstrait au Realiste", Painting.
  • June 1992 - L'Agora de la Danse, Montreal "Anar Danse 1990-1992", Photography.
  • July 1993 - Basic Inquiry Gallery, Vancouver "Innocents", Mixed Media.
  • January 1994 - Pacific Light Impressions, Vancouver "Recent Works", Mixed Media.
  • May 1994 - Robert Delaney Gallery, Vancouver "Of Flesh and Stone", Painting.
  • August 1996 - Community Arts Council of Vancouver "Favourite Dishes for Cats and Worms", Painting.
  • September 1996 - Pacific Light Impressions, Vancouver "Grapes" Photography and Mixed Media.
  • April 1999 - Atelier Gallery, Vancouver "On The Surface", Painting.
  • September 2001 - Atelier Gallery, Vancouver "You Are Here". Photography.
  • September 2001 - Burnaby Arts Council Gallery, Burnaby " Viewmaster", Photography.
  • March 1992 - Faculty of Law, University of Montreal "Trois Generations", Juried exhibition.
  • May 1992 - Gallery B- Saydie Brontman Centre Montreal "Corpus Variations", Photography.
  • May 1993 - B.C. Festival of the Arts Trail,BC "Images and Objects".
  • March 1994 - Exposure Gallery Vancouver "The Expressive Portrait", Invitational Photography Exhibition.
  • March 1995 - Currents- Contemporary Art in Vancouver Juried Exhibition.
  • October 1997 - Atelier Gallery Vancouver "Sightlines", Painting.
  • October 1998 - Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery Vancouver "M.F.A. Graduates Exhibition".
  • November 1998 - Organisation de l'Aviation Civile Internationale Montreal "Peinture et Sculpture d'EI Salvador a Montreal".

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