Adil Besim (3.3k)

Adil Besim - Tradition through three generations

  The story of Austria's leading oriental carpet company, Adil Besim, sounds like something out of a fairytale. Starting in the 1920s, the young Adolf Böhm from Vienna travelled for almost two decades throughout the Middle East, acquiring a unique expertise about oriental carpets as well as a densely knotted "carpet" of contacts and friendships. In the Middle East he was known as "Adil Besim", so it made sense to use this name for the firm selling high-quality oriental carpets that he set up together with his cousin Friedrich Langauer following his eventual return to Vienna in 1946.

  1946 Establishment of Adil Besim: Adolf Böhm-Besim and Friedrich Langauer were the founding fathers of Adil Besim OHG.

  1971 The Second Generation: Ferdi Besim and Fritz Langauer ran the company in harmony for almost three decades. Both of them are experts on the Middle East and speak fluent Persian and Turkish. Under their prudent and forward-looking management Adil Besim developed into a large company. Branches were established in Innsbruck, Salzburg, Graz, Klagenfurt and Linz, and the Carpet Service Center in Vienna-Leopoldau - respected throughout Europe - was set up. In addition, a gallery for special events was installed in the Dorotheergasse in central Vienna. After more than four decades of the most intensive working and business life, Fritz Langauer took his well-deserved retirement in 1999. His son Udo Langauer, who had himself served the company as a partner for more than fifteen years, is now devoting himself to new projects.

  The Future: Adil Besim's future is marked out clearly. Omar Besim (son of Ferdi Besim) and Dr. Maximilian Grothaus are junior partners of Adil Besim KG. Together with Ferdi Besim they guide the fortunes of this flagship of the Austrian oriental carpet trade. Both of them speak several languages, including Turkish, and have an excellent knowledge of the Middle East.

Kasak (56.8k) Kasak
Origin: Western Caucasus
Knoten: symmetric
Size: 190x160 cm
Warp: wool, undyed, not displaced
Weft: wool, red, two to four wefts
Age : Second half of 19th century
Pile: wool

Adil Besim
1010 Vienna
, Graben 30
Phone: +4315330910
Fax: +4315330910-30
4020 Linz, Hauptplatz 25
Phone: +43732772628
FAX: +43732772628-14
5020 Salzburg, Dreifaltigkeitsgasse 18
FAX: +43662887623-6
6020 Innsbruck
Maria Theresien Str. 51-53
Phone: +43512574390
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9020 Klagenfurt, Alter Platz 22
Phone: +43463516028
FAX:+43463516028-15 E-mail
8010 Graz, Hans Sachs Gasse 3
Phone: +43316835874
FAX: +43316835874-5

 (3.2k) Bergama
Origin: Western Anatolia
Knoten: symmetric
Size: 184x156 cm
Warp: wool, undyed, not displaced
Weft: wool, red, two wefts
Age : End of 19th century
Pile: wool
 (3.2k) Mihalic
Origin: Central Anatolia
Knoten: symmetric
Size: 120x100 cm
Warp: wool, undyed, beige, not displaced
Weft: wool, undyed, two wefts
Age: Last quarter of 19th century
Pile: wool
 (2.9k) Konya
Origin: Central Anatolia
Knoten: symmetric
Size: 196x148
Warp: wool, undyed, not displaced
Weft: wool, red, two to four wefts
Age: Second half of 19th century
Pile: wool


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