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Contact. D - 13086 Berlin, Lehderstr. 86-88 Germany
You can get in touch with us from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.
Telephone: +49 (0)30 - 446 39 88, Fax: +49 (0)30 - 446 39 91 or of course by E-mail

  Welcome to our website. Wether you're involved in art as an artist, gallery owner, curator or collector, you're at the right address.
  We offer consolidated transport for art in many European countries and arrange transport worldwide and within Germany at fixed prices, regardless of distance.

Our company.
  We've been exclusively active in the area of art transport since 1976 and have extensive experience in the handling of exhibits of all kinds.
  Our fleet contains everything from wide-bodied estate cars for comfortable "courier escorted" transport, to the art bus, right up to trucks with air suspension, specially heated compartments and hydraulic ramps. All our vehicles are specially equipped for the transport of art and can be specially arranged to suit your needs.
  Whether it's once around the globe or just across the street, we offer professional care for all transport needs.

  We offer all the necessary materials and techniques for the professional protection and transport of your exhibits. From simple soft packaging with bubble-wrap, to cardboard packaging in transport frames, right up to climate protective packaging.
  Specially made transport crates, e.g. for air cargo, can also be provided by us at short notice. We also have a wide range of used, but good as new, transport crates available, either to buy or rent.
We look forward to advising you!

  Corresponding to the amendment to the law on the 1st of June 1998, we've also fixed our basic liability rate at 1023 Euro per m³.
  Furthermore, we also offer price-worthy premiums for transport and exhibition insurance. The insurance premiums are based on the value and the nature of the piece to be transported.

Our art warehouse
  In the event that you want to or must separate yourself from your exhibit, either in the short or the long-term, our special art warehouse is just the right place for you.
  Furthermore, we also place our sculpture warehouse at your disposal, where we offer good and long-term conditions.

Customs formalities
  Certain customs formalities, such as customs declarations, arise when transporting into or out of other countries. This requires certain export permits. We'll obtain these documents on your behalf at a fixed price and ensure that everything runs according to plan.

Air cargo
  Air cargo transport occurs by way of stable, made-to-measure crates.
  The cargo prices of the air transport companies are based on the actual weight of the crates to be carried or on volumetric kilograms which result from the size of the crate (external measurements of everything!). The higher value is always decisive for the cargo prices.
  In order to produce tightly fitting crates, the exact measurements of the exhibit (length, breadth, height) will be required. Please always give the dimensions of everything, i.e. including the frame or, if applicable, any protruding parts (e.g. for sculptures). If required and necessary, one of our employees will carry out an inspection of the piece to be transported.