Margerit Minoeff (1.9k)

Margerit Minoeff Show & Performance
New Impulses by an Extraordinary Artist
  Margerit Minoeff can entertain and support. She is a woman who keeps challenging herself, enthralls her audience and lets it participate in inner successes. She is living her own creativity even when she sometimes uses comic and drama as stylistic means. Her interesting performance includes the overcoming of inner and outer limits as a multi-cultural woman and vivacious solist and interpreter.
  Her own lyrics & compositions add to the trademark of her exclusivity her unique performance captivates through style and the expression of her personality. Her singing and her aura are charming and enthralling. One of the highlights she offers is the variance of her musical stylistic means which have been influenced by Rhythm & Blues, Rock´n Roil, Funk as well as Soul-Jazz, Flamenco and Musical. The artist presents a wide variety of her skills - hot-blooded, with class, elegance and wit.
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  Margerit Minoeff   Margerit Minoeff
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