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   InterForma Co. Itd, specialised in industrial design offers the following services:

  • industrial designs for manufactures including unique apparatus - industrial designs as above but with the complete constructional documentation of the tools needed for the production of the designed products.
  • graphic projects for: trade marks, graphic on products, firms identification, visual information, screen printing etc.
  • different models of industrial products that is: imitation, consctrucion and ergonomic models as well as prototypes.
  • injection and vacuum moulds (for plastic elements)
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       InterForma has important design achievements, great experience in cooperation with Polish industrial firms including the so-called Polonist's firms and with foreign companies. As a few examples of these achievements can be mentioned the following products already produced on industrial scale:
  • personal micro-computers and computer terminals for Bass, Meraster and Unitra companies.
  • medical and laboratory equipment for Plastomed, Computex, Thomex, Agrotechnika, Medicat and Alfa-Jot companies.
  • equipment, tools and machines for agriculture among others small sized tractors for Metalworks Mesko (Zakfad.y Metalowe Mesko), tractors of the so-called new generation for Ursus Works and Martin Works in Tchechoslovaquia.
  • common and professional TV equipment such as: TV portable receivers, TVC receivers, satellite TV receivers for Warsaw Television Works (Warszawskie Zaktady Telewizyjne), industrial monitors, cameras for lV Professional Equipment Works in Warsaw (Zaklady TV Sprzetu Profesjonalnego w Warszawie).
  • household equipment like kitchen robots for Metalworks Mesko and FRG firm Kreft.
  • machine tools and different machines as transporters cranes, screwing machines etc.
  • different kinds of packages and containers including those for cosmetics for Virgo and Puella firms among others.

       InterForma which collaborates with eminent Polish artists, industrial designers, pattern-makers and constructors guarantees the high level of its services.



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