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  Since 1972 the ZAPIECEK gallery has been exhibiting and selling the works of both the best Polish and many famous foreign artists.
   To date we have organised over 400 individual and group exhibitions; many of which have been seen as outstanding artistic happenings. Our "Small is Beautiful" Exhibition of the works of 131 artists from 14 countries was hailed with great enthusiasm by the connoisseurs of the art world.
   The ZAPIECEK aim is to keep artistic standards high and to promote worldwide the very best of Polish Art. From the January 1st, 1991 ZAPIECEK has been operating as a private gallery. We are now in a position to offer you a direct pathway info the heart of contemporary Polish Art and just that little bit of extra attention that makes the relationship of the artist and connoisseur so much easier.
   In our ever-widening sphere of aclivities we will be happy to include co-operation with other galleries of similar standing. We could mount Exhibition Exchanges; operate as business partners in the purchase and sale of works of art; and we have 240 m2 of spare exhibition space available in most attractive part of Warsaw. We can also provide you with highly skilled and experienced gallery staff. Should you so desire, ZAPIECEK, with its wide-ranging contacts can put you directly in touch with contemporary Polish artists.
   There are so many galleries in Warsaw! There are so many galleries in the Old Town!
We believe WE are the Gallery to offer you true professionalism. ZAPIECEK - "NUMERO UNO" in Polish Art!

The Golf (26.1k) Artist: Janus
Title: The Golf
Medium: Mixed on canvas
Size: 100 x 120 cm
Price: $ 5.700,-

Pl- 00-274 Warszawa
ul. Zapiecek 1
Tel./ Fax +48(0)22 831 99 18

Eidrigevicius (2.6k) Artist: Stasys Eidrigevicius
Title: Untitled
Medium: Pastel on paper
Size: 90 x 70 cm
Date: 1996
Price: $ 3800,-
Pawel Goliszek (2.3k) Artist: Pawel Goliszek
Title: Untitled
Medium: Bronze
Size: h - 60 cm
Price: $ 2800,-
Zbigniew Jarocki (2k) Artist: Zbigniew Jarocki
Title: Untitled
Medium: Wood, black painted
Size: h - 170 cm
Price: $ 1800,-

Artists of the gallery
  • Zdzislaw Beksinski,
  • Andrzej Biernacki,
  • Marian Bogusz,
  • Tadeusz Brzozowski,
  • Stasys Eidrigevicius,
  • Stanislaw Fijalkowski,
  • Andrzej Gieraga,
  • Stefan Gierowski,
  • Tadeusz Kantor,
  • Katarzyna Kobro,
  • Antoni Kowalski,
  • Tadeusz Kulisiewicz,
  • Alfred Lenica,
  • Mariusz Lukasik
  • Zbigniew Makowski,
  • Henryk Musialowicz,
  • Jerzy Nowosielski,
  • Leszek Rozga,
  • Jacek Sienicki,
  • Antoni Starczewski,
  • Henryk Stazewski,
  • Jonasz Stern,
  • Wladyslaw Strzeminski,
  • Jan Tarasin,
  • Jerzy Tchorzewski,
  • Ryszard Winiarski,
  • Rajmund Ziemski