Polish sculptures center in Oronsk (2.8k)
The Center of Polish Sculpture in Oronsk POLISH SCULPTURE Polski

I. Mission
The objective of the Centre of Polish Sculpture is perform a role of communicational junction for artists coming with different cultural experience, tradition or religion. We consider that sculpture as an art of matter, site and space is the best non-verbal language for such international conversation.

We offer good environment for creating sculpture, objects, installations or performance - we provide studios, tools and technical assistance. We patronise works made in the Centre and render space for art exhibition possible. We are able to publish catalogues, prepare seminars and promote artistic events in Polish media.

II. History
The Centre of Polish Sculpture is situated in the village of Oronsko, 16 kilometres south of Radom, 120 kilometres away from Warsaw and 160 kilometres away of Cracow, nearby domestic route nr 7. It was established on the grounds of 19th century manorial complex, complete with a manor house, a chapel, hothouse and the couple of outbuildings, all surrounded by a picturesque park.

The artistic activities of the Centre began in 1965 with the first open-air workshop and the exhibition of sculpture. It was meant as a continuation of the earlier, almost 150-years-old artistic and cultural tradition of the village, which thrived thanks to the activities of the Christianis and the Pruszaks, who set up Oronsko manor and park, and most of all thanks Joseph Brandt, an outstanding Polish battle painter and professor of Munich Academy of Fine Arts. From 1877 to 1915 the village was a place of work for many eminent artists of the 19th century, who associated with the so-called Free Oronsko Academy, a cultural and artistic site, very essential for Polish culture.

As a primary spot devoted to the Polish sculpture, the Centre was founded in 1985. In 1992 the Museum of Contemporary Sculpture was built and incorporated to the structure of the Centre, which presently also consists of the Department of Creative Work.

III. Forms of activities
Each year the studios in the Centre of Polish Sculpture host over two hundred of Polish and foreign artists who execute here sculptures in solid materials (mostly from the Polish quarries) and even most astonishing artistic projects. They work individually and in groups. The Centre organises some of these artistic workshops, invites selected groups of artists.

Centre co-ordinates contemporary art exhibitions and enlarges its own collection. One of the primary tasks of the Centre is educational activity addressed to children, teenagers and adult public. Additionally the Centre keeps archives with documents on Polish contemporary sculpture; collects photographs, slides and video recordings; arranges seminars and meetings for the artists, art critics and art historians; edits books and periodicals and provide information services, promoting Polish contemporary sculpture.

The Center of Polish Sculpture in Oronsk
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