Michel Favre (2.6k)

Michel Favre - In his recent work, Michel Favre leads us into a world where dimensions are reversed, where humor, concern and hope, irony and satire are always present side to side. In his bronze sculptures, the artist also integrates other materials and objects. Miniaturized human figurers are set in confrontation with large objects, such as cylinders, spheres, pyramids...

  These fragile beings, lilliputs, constitute the frame of his work. The sculptor chooses hollow objects to produce a feel of tension, give opposite views, report ratios of forces and show scary balancing acts. With his precise sense of observation, Michel Favre gets his inspiration from our environment.

  In his scenarios, he is just revealing. In avoiding any personal judgement, he leaves total freedom for interpretation to the spectator. His sculptures are mirroring our society, inviting to meditation.

Bulle de Savon (20.7k) Title: Bulle de Savon
Medium: bronze
Size: 27x15x49 cm
Date: 1999

Michel Favre
CH-1920 Martigny

44, av. du Grand Saint-Bernard
Phone/Fax: +41 27 722 55 08

 (2.1k) Title: Balancier
Medium: bronze
Size: 35x17x42 cm
Date: 2000
La Bombe
 (1.9k) Title: La Bombe
Medium: bronze
Size: 11x11x26 cm
Date: 2000
View (2.3k) Title: Durchblick
Medium: bronze
Size: 21x21x21 cm
Date: 1999


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