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NOVA The conception of "Corporate Art" is widely propagated in the Anglo Saxon countries. It is the art created for the needs of firms and corporations, assigned for the presentations in office areas, sales salons, restaurants etc. Marketing research proves that it has a measurable, positive influence on the clients, as well as firm employees. There are two main types of corporate art - large, very decorative sculptures, tapestries and pictures (most often landscapes or abstractions) and small plastic forms (graphics, still life, sculpture, poster). We deliver all works of that type, advise how to introduce them into the surroundings in the best way, we also offer assembly and suspension systems checked in tens of objects. Choosing the proper categories (painting, graphics, sculpture, etc.) from the Art Navigator main page you can look over our present offer. In case of special orders (we can fulfill almost every wish), please contact us through the E-mail, or by phone - +43(0)2734 7021. Below you have some examples of our clients - Prosper SA, Daewoo FSO, The Securities Exchange, The Supreme Court, Gillette Poland SA, The Boston Consulting Group and others.

Barbara Wussow and Albert Fortell in Atelier Galerie (20.4k) Investing in works of art is a long-term capital deposit many a time permitting the achievement of profits much bigger than on the stock exchange or through bank deposits, as well as excellent form of firm promotion, creating its image, showing that it employs people thinking not only of money. In Poland, the following banks are mainly active in this field (Powszechny Bank Kredytowy, PKO BP, BRE Bank), foreign firms (Bayer, BASF, Amway, Zepter, Hogan & Hartson, BPP Polska) and consulting firms (NICOM), therefore those that have or want to find persons from the social elite as clients. Large amounts of information on those initiatives in the media (press, TV) are in reality a free of charge advertisement for the firms. We shall advise you what to buy, we shall organize the promotion in the media. Our clients have access to the information about the possibilities of investments in works of art for 24 hours, protected with a password. Please contact us to obtain your personal password.
  We shall also find adequate gifts for contractors or employees (for example inexpensive original graphics, amber products), or organize a promotion event that shall be remembered for many years. We especially recommend to get familiar with the NOVA idea.

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