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  Sieglinde Layr was born at Gut Kyrnberg near Pyrha in Lower Austria and spent a very happy childhood that was influenced by her love and understanding of nature and journeys to the countries where intense colours are extremely important - France, Italy and Greece. She began painting at the age of six.

  Since 1976 she has been working, as a freelance artist in Gars am Kamp near Krems on the River Danube. Sieglinde Layr is acknowledged to be most creative watercolorist in Austria.
  She has become famous through many exhibitions held in Austria and abroad and her books and volumes with illustrations. The artist, who has won many prizes, attracted international publicity when she auctioned an altar piece in aid of the charity "Children of this World", and was subsequently honoured by the Secretary General of the UNO, Butros Ghali.

  Sieglinde Layr concentrates mainly on meditation, dancing, music and nature and she's got a wonderful philosophy of life:

"enjoy something at least ten times a day"

  The brilliant colours of the poppy fields and the wild flowers of her hometown Gars am Kamp have become characteristic signs of her paintings. (Feature article - "Siegline Layr's Dance of Colors") There are hardly any other hotels around Willi Dungl's Biotraining centre in Gars, where a glance out of the window is not similar to one of her brilliant pictures. Even on a dreary winter day the guests only need to take a look at one of her paintings from hotel's collection to know for sure that next spring the meadows and fields will be full of wonderful colours again.

Exhibitions in Austria and international

  • Galerie Aduatz, Graz
  • Galerie Altstadt, Krems
  • Galerie am Stubentor, Vienna
  • Galerie Angerer, Schwaz
  • Galerie Dida, Graz
  • Galerie Ferstl, Vienna
  • Galerie Glück, Wels
  • Galerie Grüner, Linz
  • Galerie Hausberger, Innsbruck
  • Galerie Helga, Mondsee
  • Galerie im Trödlerladen, Vienna
  • Galerie Klosterneuburg
  • Galerie Maringer, St. Pölten
  • Galerie Prisma, Vienna
  • Galerie Rondula, Lienz
  • Galerie Thurnhof, Horn
  • Galerie Walter, Vienna
  • Galerie Weidan, Schärding
  • Galerie Zentrum, Vienna
  • "Kult & Magie", Schwarzenau
  • Beethovenhaus, Baden
  • Beethovenhaus, Eisenstadt
  • Bezirkshauptmannschaft, St. Pölten
  • Bildungs- und Heimatwerk, Gföhl
  • Biotrainingshotel Dungl, Gars
  • Cafe Guglhupf, Salzburg
  • Cafe Hudriwudri, Vienna
  • Cafe Panini, Krems
  • Cafe Papageno, Vienna
  • Casino Kitzbühel
  • Casino Linz
  • Dentallabor Winkler, Wels
  • Dom-Galerie, Wr. Neustadt
  • Fa. Schulmeister, Gr. Gerungs
  • Felten & Guilleaume, Schrems
  • Golfhotel Bad, Tatzmannsdorf, Burgenland
  • Hotel Althof, Retz
  • Hotel Panhans, Semmering
  • Hotel Seehof, Mondsee
  • Katzenberger Quatember, St. Pölten
  • Kunst Holzer, Judenburg, Steiermark
  • Kunsthof Weihergut, Salzburg
  • Künstlerhaus, Graz
  • Museum Carolino Augusteum, Salzburg
  • Möbel Maschik, Wels
  • NÖ Dokumentationszentrum, St. Pölten
  • Oldtimerausstellung, Kirchberg, Tirol
  • Privatsanatorium Wels
  • Pädagogische Akademie, Krems
  • Ring-Galerie, Vienna
  • Schloß Hollenburg
  • Schloß Schönbrunn, Vienna
  • Stift Altenburg
  • Tanzvernissage Elmayer, Vienna
  • Weingalerie, Gars

  • Academie europeene des Arts
  • Palais des Beaux-Arts, Charleroi

  • Academie de Lutece, Paris

  • Amsa Galerie, Hamburg
  • Galerie Hansen, Bonn
  • Galerie im Osram Haus, München
  • Galerie Kleiner Prinz, Baden-Baden
  • Galerie Literart, Köln
  • Galerie Mensch, Hamburg
  • Galerie Raum und Kunst, Hamburg
  • Galerie Schwarz, Ingolstadt
  • IDM-Galerie, München
  • Stift Reicherberg/Inn
  • Centro Artistico e Culturale, Naples

  • Altstadt Galerie, Bern
  • Art Consult Fischerhaus
  • Euro Galerie
  • Galerie Buss, Obermeilen
  • Galerie Literart, Genf
  • Galerie Siehlstraße, Zurich


  • Kulturinstitut, Bratislava

  • Washington D.C.