Sieglinde Layr (3.7k)

The dance of colours - Sieglinde Layr's lively art

 Many artists believe they have to expose the hypocrisy and injustice in the world. Others leave arbitrary brush strokes and colours thrown onto the canvas creating wild spontaneous paintings. Some philosophize on the so called aesthetics of ugliness. There is, however, and always has been a small group of artists who are determined to show the beauty of life, emphasizing the colours, form and movement and they invite the viewer to see a world of joy and clear delight.

Sieglinde Layr is one of these uncommon artists.

 However, her international success prooves that the human need for beauty and ideal in art is forever present.

 In one of his esoteric books Carlos Castaneda describes an encounter with a mexican shaman who, by hypnotising and using the power of special mushrooms, taught him to "fly". Upon returning from one of these flights

  Castaneda asked the teacher whether he really did fly.
The latter replied
"Of course you were flying, wasn't it you who experienced it?"
Castaneda replied
"Yes of course, but if another person had been present, would he have been able to see me?"
The teacher then said
"Yes, if he had been able to understand what he was seeing.''

  These few sentences explain what you can feel looking at Sieglinde Layr's paintings. Like all talented artists, her observations of environment are much more subtle and discriminating than those of less sensitive people. She is able to bestow a touch of sublimity to our rather mundane life through the bright power of her paintings.

  The detail of a flower-bed, a dancing girl, field of blooming corn-poppies or penguins in a venetian gondola (an extremely surrealistic painting) are all typical subjects of Sieglinde Layr's works. Just take a glance at the pairs swirling round the dance floor at the Vienna Operaball and immediately the paintings "Mall Night", "Vienna Dances" and "Vienna as a Stage" appear before your eyes and make you see them quite differently due to the synthesis of colour, movement, joy and music combined. Sieglinde Layr has achieved the impossible - the presentation of slowness and great speed combined on one canvas in the same painting.

 "I don't only want to show the bodies as they swing and move but the thoughts of these dancers, which are also a form of movement. A dancer must think about something positive when the dance is merry and speedy. 1 am fascinated by movement because our life is full of movement and changes. In every single movement there are thousands of changes."