Arnulf Rainer (2.1k)

Arnulf Rainer, born 1929 in Baden (near Vienna), living in Vienna and Enzenkirchen, Upper Austria

1948 Rainer learned about surrealist theories and met Maria Lassnig.
1949 he very briefly attended the University of Applied Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.
1950 he met Ernst Fuchs, Anton Lehmden, Arik Brauer, Wolfgang Hollegha and Josef Mikl, who founded the "Hundsgruppe" ("Dog's Group").
1951 first exhibition of the "Hundsgruppe" in Vienna. Thereafter Rainer turned away from the "Fantastic Surrealism". He travelled to Paris, where he met André Breton.
1953 he became acquainted with Monsignor Otto Mauer, who promoted the Austrian Avantgarde in his Galerie nächst St. Stephan (Gallery next to St. Stephen's) from 1954 onwards.
Since 1953 Arnulf Rainer has been creating his well-known overpaintings of his own works or those by others.
1956 Individual exhibition at the Galerie nächst St. Stephan, 1957 in the Vienna Secession.
1959 together with Fuchs and Hundertwasser, he founded the "Pintorarium" as an "anti-academy" (a "crematorium to incinerate the academy"). He participated at the documenta II in Kassel.
1961 he overpainted the work of a young female artist, which had been awarded a jury prize; he was arrested by the police.
1963 studio in West Berlin.
1964 drawing experiment under the influence of hallucinogenous drugs at the university hospital of Lausanne.
1968 painting on his own face. First grimace photographs in a photo - machine. Individual exhibition at the Museum of the 20th Century in Vienna.
1971 Individual exhibition at Kunstverein Hamburg. Rainer represented Austria at the Biennale of Sâo Paulo.
1972 he participated at the documenta V in Kassel.
1973 he developped the hand- and finger painting of gestures. Co-operation with Dieter Roth. Individual exhibition at the Albertina, Vienna.
1974 Art Award of the City of Vienna. He refused to be present at the award ceremony, whereupon the award was withdrawn.
Since 1975 he has been working over reproductions after Doré, Leonardo, Van Gogh, Franz Xaver Messerschmidt, et alii.
1976 Individual exhibition at the Neue Galerie Linz ("Face Farces": photo - overpaintings and - overdrawings 1969-1976).
1977 he participated at the documenta VI, Kassel.
1978 at the Venice Biennale.
1981 he became professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna and member of the Berlin Academy of the Arts.
1981 Individual exhibitions at the Stedelijk -Van -Abbe -Museum, Eindhoven, the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis.
1982 he showed his hand- and finger- paintings at the documenta VII in Kassel. Hiroshima- Cycle: series of drawings on photographs of the destroyed city, shown in 17 European cities.
1984 important retrospective at the Centre Pompidou, Paris ("Mort et Sacrifice"). Bavarian TV produced a film about Arnulf Rainer.
1993 opening of the Arnulf Rainer Museum in New York. "Cosmos" paintings, which were, for the first time, published in a book (1994).
1994 film portrait of Rainer by Austrian television ORF. Several of Rainer's paintings were destroyed at his academy studio in Vienna by unknown persons.
1993 Individual exhibition at the Schömer-Haus, Klosterneuburg.
1996 exhibition at the 23rd Bienal Internacional de Sâo Paulo.
1997 important retrospective at the Kunsthalle Krems, Austria.
1998 Individual exhibitions at the National Gallery of Prague and the Carolino Augusteum, Salzburg.
1999 Individual exhibitions at Galerie Ropac, Paris, at the Städtische Kunstsammlungen Augsburg, Germany, at the Rupertinum, Salzburg.
2000 Individual exhibitions to celebrate the artist's 70th birthday at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the Kunstforum Bank Austria, Vienna and the Neue Galerie der Stadt Linz.

  "Wenn ich male, bin ich aufgeregt, spreche mit mir selbst, verziehe mein Gesicht und beschimpfe Leute. Ich bewege und verwandle mich permanent als Leib, Körper und Seele."

Arnulf Rainer

Arnulf Rainer (25.8k) Arnulf Rainer

TITLE: Finger painting
MEDIUM: Glue-water colour,
Oil on sign carton,
SIZE: 102,5 x 73 cm
DATE: 1997

  Untitled (2.4k) TITLE: Untitled
MEDIUM: Oil chalk,
Oil on sign carton,
SIZE: 70 x 50 cm
DATE: 1997
  Microcosm 1 (1.7k) TITLE: Microcosm
MEDIUM: Oil on wood
SIZE: 122 x 81 cm
DATE: 1995/96
Microcosm 2 (2.2k) TITLE: Microcosm
MEDIUM: Oil on carton
SIZE: 122 x 81 cm
DATE: 1995/96
Running blind man
 (3k) TITLE: Running blind man
MEDIUM: Mixed on photograph
SIZE: 59,3 x 47,5 cm
DATE: 1977
Van Gogh  (3.2k) TITLE: Van Gogh
MEDIUM: Mixed on photograph
SIZE: 59,4 x 47,8 cm
DATE: 1977
Van Gogh  (3k) TITLE: Van Gogh
MEDIUM: Oil chalk and oil on photograph
SIZE: 59,2 x 47,5 cm
DATE: 1979/80


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