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Born on January 15, 1953 in Wygielz in the Krakow voivodship. Time between 1955 and 1970 spent in state orphanages. He passed matriculation in the Gniezno Economic College. Worked as a telephone operator, warehouse employee, wood craftsman, building yard frontman, blue-collar worker, logistics worker, telephone disinfectant, decorator and librarian. He began studying in the Fine Art Department of the University of Mikolaj Kopernik in Torun.

   He held his first exhibition in 1974 at the Builders Social Services Company's Culture Club. In the same year, he received a second prize in a non-professional painter's competition. In 1975 he received first prize in an amateur painters competition organized by the Culture Department of the Wola District in Warsaw as well as a second prize for a poster on anti-alcoholism. The year 1976 saw the organization of exhibitions in Gdansk and Budapest.

   Gibaszek's paintings only seem to represent an unbalanced technique (super pedantic or trivial, more often impatiently unfinished), simplified forms and colors, resembling bold children's' drawings. The creative art of this painter, although impressive and agreeable at first glance is in fact more complex. The joy of painting and strong ambivalence towards the world creates an uneasy mix. His women, children, pictures of maternity, mystical gardens, religious motives (as well as those near abstracts) posses a certain air of such painters as Wojtkiewicz, Munch, Andersen... for example. Multi-colored fables for the more mature audience with a well-disguised darkness. And abundant poetry - without conceptual foundations, without needless coquetry from art critics or the ordinary viewer. This original artist, unaffected by trends in painting, deserves very special attention.

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