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   After finishing her studies on Sociology Faculty of Warsaw Uniwersity she has begun her education in art painting. She has worked under famous portrait artist Maria Kruszewska - Rotwand's guidance. She has used consultations of famous artists from Poland and United States.

  Alicja Stöger Zamojska is mainly interested in a human. As she is saying: "I love people and beauty and I'm happy when I can show the beauty of human in the portrait - not only his outside but mainly his soul".

  The artist spends a lot of time in Canada and United States where she has been invited by Buena Vista College. There she paints portraits of College founders and she had lectures about the art paiting. Her portraits are popular in United States. Among others she has made portraits of the History Museum "Harker Haus" founder's.

  In 1987 she has participated in the private meeting with Pope John Paul II whom she has given her own picture, a copy of Madonna from Koden.

  Her paitings can be found in numerous museums and private collections in Poland and foreign countries - Europe, North America, Australia and Africa.

  In 1992, in her home city - Jaslo, she has exhibited paintings on various subjects close to science fiction. These images dealed with different possibilities of a contact with the human. During the next exhibitions they were shown under the title "Fantasmagory".

  Alicja Stoeger-Zamojska concentrates mainly on sacral and portrait painting. She has created 37 sacral paitings, among them - 28 are in churches in Poland and foreign countries. These paintigs are up to 5 by 6 meters large, mainly - 2.5 x 1.5 m. Her sacral paintings were often reproduced as postcards. 60 occasional postcards of her design were printed too.

  She has donated many pictures to the churches and charity auctions. A collection of her own, which consisted of 40 portraits of the famous polish musicians and the laureates of the Chopin Competitions was donated to the city of Jaslo. This collection is a constant part of the exhibition which is presented in the Community Center in Jaslo. She has also donated a portrait of her ancestors to the Regional Museum in Jaslo and a big portrait of of King Stanislaw Leszczynski the patron of Jaslo college.

  In 1993 she has received a honorary citizenship of Jaslo city which was granted her for the merits for a cultural development of the region.

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