Zbigniew Reszka (3.2k)

Zbigniew Reszka a would-be painter, turned to photography to gain a more immediate emotional contact with his subjects. As a resuit, he reaches a level of intimacy which his models sometimes find uncomfortably close.

  "Some models are not aware of the f nal effect of the session. They look at the pictures and fnd them terrifying. Others recognize themselves in ways which go far beyond the poses and the acts themselves, and into the abstract.Those keep coming back to me, and often they bring friends with them" says Mr. Reszka.

  Mr. Reszka achieves this dark intimacy after working with his models through several meetings, picking up his camera only after the third or fourth session. After the negatives emerge, Mr. Reszka adds dimension to the film by scracthing in comments, highlights and symbols.

  Mr. Reszka previously took part in the activities of the artistic enclaves "Zwyczajna 44" and "Club 6X6" His works are in private collections in Germany, France, England, Switzerland, Holland, Finland and Japan. Recent public exhibitions include those in the Polish Council in Rome (1996) and the Polish Council in Paris (1997).

  A member of the Association of Polish Art Photographers, Mr. Reszka supports his artistic endeavors with commercial photography produced through his Warsaw studio.

Zbigniew Reszka (33.3k) Zbigniew Reszka


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