Leon Gruzd (2.3k)
 Leon Gruzd Works Polski

Nature has always been the starting point for Leon Gruzd's creative search. And that is where he constantly finds first shapes of his sculptures. In search for his own way of expression, through contacts with other artists in and outside Poland, Leon Gruzd keeps enriching the natural inspiration.

   Studies and work have given fruit ripe in form and sophisticated in substance. Paul Cezanne noticed: `It is essential to find forms of a sphere, cone or cylinder in nature, to achieve the optimal composition.' Although Leon Gruzd sometimes consciously breaks this rule, he proves in his entire work the need of such order. The shape of his sculptures - ovals smoothed up to dynamic and surrealistic forms, slowly turning into abstract works of art - this shape evokes Hans Arp's early works or Henry Moore's and Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi's.

   Gruzd's sculptures are marked with both human vitality and world of nature, infinite in form and shape. There may also be found some very personal associations with the newest formistic trends. The artist does not seem to be lured with them though, for they lead to pure abstract only, whereas they lose all the vital message of art.

   Leon Gruzd's sculptures are open and friendly, very decorative and they attract viewers with the shape and tints. They evoke emotions which keep us in harmony with nature, letting no discord to feel. In our world speeding up to the light barrier, such values of art as harmony or literal contact with viewers create bonds which are deeply human and very personal.

From behind the form,
Like out of a shade
Still, comes to life.
Rubs out of the clay
Power of form,
Enchants you with shape,
Makes you talk
And argue
For them.

Stanislaw Choinski



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