Anna Buczkowska (2.4k)

Anna Buczkowska was born in 1943.1965-71 studied painting and tapestry at the Painting Faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw from which she graduated with honours in 1971. As a student attended the painting class of Professor E. Eibisch and the drawing class of Professor Z. Madeyski. Her professors were also A. Jurkiewicz and S. Gierowski (painting) ,R. Owidzki (composition), H. Chrostowska (graphic art.), A. Sledziewska and M. Szymanski (tapestry), and W. Sadley (weaving structures). Note - "Thime - Becker Kunstlerlexikon".

Awards and Distinctions:

  • 1980 - Diploma and award on the30th Anniversary of the Experimental Weaving Studios, Polish Artists' Union, Lódz
  • 1986 - I prize in the national "Olympic Art Contest", Warsaw
  • 1987 - II prize for a trapestry at the national exhibition, Museum of the Textile Industry, Lódz Polish Artists' Union (Prize of Ministryof Culture and Art)
  • 1988 - III prize in Olympic Art Contest
  • 1988/89 - Honourable mention 'Olympic Laurels '.Museum of Sport and Tourism, Warsaw
  • 1992 - I prize at the exhibition' The Weaving Workshop-Kowary'Art Exhibitions Bureau, Wroclaw
  • 1994 Grand Prix of Queen Fabiola at the Sixth Biennale Intemationale de la Dantelle, Brussels,Belgium

    Anna Buczkowska had 22 rndiwidual exhibitions (in Poland, Sweden, France, Germany, USA, Finland) and took part in 75 colective projects in Poland and abroad.


  • 1972 - Grant of the Ministry of Culture and Art
  • 1988 - II Miedzynarodowa Wystawa Tkaniny Wspólczesnej w Kioto, Japonia
  • 1989 - VI Miedzynarodowe Triennale Tkaniny w Centralnym Muzeum Wlókiennictwa w Lodzi
  • 1991 - "Polska Tkanina Wspólczesna" Muzeum w Ein Harod, Izrael
  • 1993 - One-year grant awarded for artistic activity bythe Pollock-Krasner Foundation U.S.A.
  • 1994 - Grant of the Ministry of Culture and Art
  • 1994 - VI Miedzynarodowe Biennale Koronki w Brukseli
  • 1998 - Grant of the Ministry of Cukure and Art
  • 2001 - 10 Miedzynarodowe Triennale Tkaniny - Centralne Muzeum Wlókiennictwa - Lódz

    Anna Buczkowska's works can be seen m the following collections: National Museum in Warsaw, Museum of Sport in Warsaw, Museum of the Peasant Movement in Warsaw, Central Museum of the Textile Industry in Lódz; Nordyska Muzum in Stockholm as well in private collections in Poland and abroad ( Sweden, France, Britain, Germany and USA)

  • Collection I (28.3k) Anna Buczkowska

    TITLE: Collection I
    MEDIUM: tapestry,
    oryginal hangs,
    flax were used
    SIZE: 250 x 150 cm
    DATE: 1992
    PREIS: $ 7.900,-

    Collection II (2.4k) TITLE: Collection II
    MEDIUM: tapestry,
    oryginal hangs,
    flax were used
    SIZE: 250 x 145 cm
    DATE: 1993
    PREIS: $ 6.900,-
    Collection west (2.4k) TITLE: Collection west
    MEDIUM: tapestry,
    oryginal hangs,
    flax were used
    SIZE: 134 x 200 cm
    DATE: 1999
    PREIS: $ 4.600,-
    Passing time (2.3k) TITLE: Passing time
    MEDIUM: tapestry
    SIZE: 360 x 110 cm
    DATE: 1986
    PRICE: $ 9.900,-
    Fair play (2.9k) TITLE: Fair play
    MEDIUM: tapestry
    and oryginal ball
    SIZE: 143 x 137 cm
    DATE: 1985
    PRICE: $ 3.900,-
    Zerwane Naciagi (2.9k) TITLE: Zerwane Naciagi
    MEDIUM: tapestry,
    oryginal hangs
    SIZE: 164 x 137 cm
    PRICE: $ 3.500,-
    Statistical number (2.7k) TITLE: Statistical number
    MEDIUM: tapestry
    SIZE: 147 x 143 cm
    DATE: 1987/88
    PRICE: $ 4.700,-


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