Nihal Gures (2.2k)
Nihal Güres Polski

   Nihal Güres Born 1962 Ankara Turkey. Education Latin and Greek literature and languages. Private art lessons, Basin Müzesi, Miniature Ottoman, Istasyon Sanat Markezi, Contemporary art lessons with great Turkish painter Sabri Berkel. First exhibition 1992 - The Marmara Hotel Art Gallery, "Paintings and Light". Then about 20 individual expositions, and 50 collective. She is also a columnist in "Sanat Caversi" art magazine published in Turkey and other art and travel magazines, where she writes about her travels around the world (e.g. Bali, Poland). She is working on her second short stories book, which possibly will be published in October. She has the languages also dramatic handsome funny simple about life and using the same style on her paintings. Click on images to see details
The Cat (2.2k) The Mona Lisa 1 (2k) The Mona Lisa 2 (2.1k) The Sultan 1 (2.2k) Marmeid at Bosphorus 1 (2.2k) Marmeid at Bosphorus 2 (2.2k)
The favorite of the Harem 1 (2.1k) The favorite of the Harem 2 (2.2k) The favorite of the Harem 3 (2.2k) The favorite of the Harem 4 (2.2k) The favorite of the Harem 5 (2.4k) The peasant nude (2.2k)
Mosque at Bosphorus (2.2k) Dream Horse (2.4k) The Sultan 2 (2.6k) Fatih (2.3k) Mosque in Istanbul (2.2k)


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