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Nasiorowski Glass Paintings Gallery
00-272 Warsaw, Poland
Old Town Market Square 4/6
Phone 0048-22-8319875, E-mail


Glass Paintings Gallery   Founded in 1979 Nasiorowski studio of glass paintings in Warsaw uses an original technique of hand painting on glass coming down from XVIIIth century England. We make the replicas of old historical engravings -copperplates, woodcuts, steel engravings etc.

  The subject of our works is very diversified. We manufacture replicas of maps, panoramas and city plans, genre pieces, armorial bearings, heraldic arms of towns, secession style pictures after Alfons Mucha, etc. Using our technique we have been making authorization certificates, diplomas, awards of distinction, which besides their esthetical values (old document look) have the virtue of not being subject to imitation. All kinds of themes can be made on glass, including portraits based on photographs. Replicas of various engravings are made on special arrangement for companies and they are used as souvenirs for business partners.

  In recent years we have developed ADVERTISING MIRRORS WITH GRAPHICS painted on glass. This subtle kind of advertisement serves as a decorative factor in restaurants, cafes, and shops influencing the person, who looks at the mirror to memorize the logo, slogan or picture.

  Twenty years of experience give us the ability to realize every, even the most complicated and exquisite graphic project of a customer or else, we can prepare the project according to clients wish. Our customers were: ATLAS, Coca Cola, Reynolds Tobacco (Camel, Salem), Ericsson, Siemens, Centertel, Orfe, Polish Automobile Association, the Prime Minister's Office, Chief Board of Supervision (NIK), etc. The replicas made by Nasiorowski were received by, among others, Chancellor Helmut Kohl and President Mandela.

The studio is situated in Warsaw Old Town, Old Town Market Square 4/6,
and open daily from 12 noon to 7 p.m.



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