Justyna Kopecka at work
 Justyna Kopecka Works Po polsku

 Born in 1975 in Warsaw, Poland. Student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw since 1996. She will graduate in 2001 in graphics (Prof. Rafal Strent) and book illustration (Prof. Janusz Stanny).

 There are numerous presentations of dancers in works of J. Kopecka. The dancer finds herself mostly in dangerous places. She dares to risk her life to complete another acrobation, the symbol and the meaning of her existence.
 The artist's works are also influenced by plants. She says that the nature always accompanies humans, although it isn't always friendly to them. Sometimes its power damps a man down with such enormous strength, it can destroy his freedom. To get out of the thicket of dandelion's blowballs and overgrown grass, a little human being tries to climb higher and higher. On his way out he finds ladders and rafters which help him to survive. But on the other way they may become a trap, because the climbing costs a lot of effort while on the very top an unknown existence is waiting.

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