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Margareta Antony (1.8k) Margareta Antony - mux - oilpaintings computergraphics scultpures.
Sergei Aparin - Fantastic Painting Sergei Aparin - Fantastic Painting. We can describe Sergei Aparin's paintings as: enigmatic, metaphysical, fantastic, surreal, magical, mystical or as a dream, fiction, figuration...E-mail
ArtezPhotoVisions ArtezPhotoVisions Features several galleries of black and white photographs made by the professionnal photographer Phil Artez. Prints available for purchase.
  • Angerer the elder - My subject is the eternally new: Eros, struggle and death. Peace in a restless Era. E-mail.
    AWSART (2.2k) AWSART - Photographs and Paintings that combine photography and painting using silver-halide emulsion and oil on canvas.
    Christine Belanger (2.3k) Christine Belanger - Canadian artist Christine Belanger creates high quality portraits and drawings in soft pastels.
    Jan Berdak (3.3k) Jan Berdak - Polish Top Photograph.
  • Aivo Blum - Estonian painter and web designer.
    Emilia & Jaroslaw Bogucki (2.4k) Emilia & Jaroslaw Bogucki • The gallery presents the sculptures of young artists – graduates of Academy of Fine Arts. There are big and small sculptures presented here. Sculptures are made of traditional materials, like bronze, brass or stone, as well as of synthetic resin. There is a possibility to purchase some of the sculptures presented, or we will be glad to help you realize your own ideas.
  • Georg Brandner - Austrian abstract painter.
    Dana Briggs (2.4k) Dana Briggs • Dana Briggs is a professional American artist living and working in France since 1969. E-mail
    Antone Bruinsma (2.4k) Antone Bruinsma • Studios and gallery park open by appointment.
  • Hans Bulder - oils of wildlife, pets and still lifes. E-mail
  • Jose Cabello - acrylic paintings - landscape, still life, portraits.
    Juan Canals Carreras (2.6k) Juan Canals Carreras • Arte pintura sobre papel. Ultimas muestras: selecionado Bienal de Novosibirsk. Russia. Concurso internacional de Pintura de Laives. Bolzano. Italia. E-mail
    Sergei Chernenko (3.5k) Sergei Chernenko • Mysticism in painting
  • Tiziana Ciaghi - acrylic paintings on canvas, castles and landscapes of Trentino.
    gabriel colaço e gilberto colaço gabriel colaço e gilberto colaço galeria de pintura, biografia, contactos.
    jean luc comperat jean luc comperat glass and stained glass decorative objects by New York award winning team.
    Toine Corstjens Toine Corstjens During his life he has made thousands of paintings and has lots of expositions. He is (and i should know) one of the best painters in the Netherlands. His compositions should speak to lots of art lovers.
    Nick Danilov Nick Danilov • Creative work by artist painter Nick Danilov is represented by his paintings, acrylic on canvas, mixed media on canvas, book illustrations, created in decorative style, while the subject of his pieces remains the same - beautiful feminine forms through the poetic expression of human passion. • E-mail
    Anna Demovidova Anna Demovidova • Artist Gallery by Contemporary Russian Figurative Artist, Anna Demovidova, presently living in Washington, DC. Expressive oil paintings of people: portraits, women, nudes, musicians • E-mail
    Zeljko Djurovic Zeljko Djurovic • Fantasy art created by artist painter Zeljko Djurovic - Explore amazing Works of Art - Online gallery of fantastic paintings, drawings and graphics.
  • Jan Docekal - Grafik, Kolage. E-mail
    Jochen van Eden (2.3k) Photography by Jochen van Eden
    Hasan Erdemir (3.2k) Hasan Erdemir • Artist from Sweden
  • Hossein Fallahi - is a miniature painter with 49 years experience in Esfahan,Iran. He has a workshop with 15 students painting persian miniature in diffrent style,they paint on camelbone,paper,leather and ivory. He had several exhibition in Europe in last 20 years.
    Ireos Filipuzzi Ireos Filipuzzi • CH-4058 Basel, Hirzbrunnenschanze 34 • Informelle Malerei aus Basel • E-mail
    J.J.Foghelsangh (2.2k) J.J.Foghelsangh • art from the heart. L'art pour l'art.
    Anita Franken (2.7k) Anita Franken • The Netherlands 1957 - Makes bronze sculptures. E-mail
    Ruggero Gamberini (2.1k) Ruggero Gamberini • This site offers an overview of the latest works of the Italian artist Ruggero Gamberini: painting, sculpture, graphics and computer art. E-mail
    Jeanette Geissler (2.2k) Jeanette Geissler • Originelle Gegenwartskunst: Malerei, Grafik, Collage. E-mail
    Luigi De Giovanni (2.8k) Luigi De Giovanni • Luigi De Giovanni è un'artista, che usa con sentimento innato il colore. Mediterraneo nei cromatismi, irruente e gestuale nel segno, con pennellate istintive e cariche, alcune volte quasi rabbiose, ci dona scorci di natura. E-mail
    Lina Golan (2.3k) Lina Golan • Israeli, contemporary, painter, sculptor and musician. Member of Association of Israeli Painters and Sculptors. Member of Art Committee at the Monart Museum-Ashdod.
  • Obed Gomez - Obed Art is the online gallery of Puerto Rican artist Obed Gómez specializing in Latin art. E-mail
    Daria Górkiewicz (3k) Daria Górkiewicz • Autorska Galeria Twórczosci - rysunek, malarstwo, scenografia, design, sztuka użytkowa, fotografia, poezja.
    Shaun Grech (3k) Shaun Grech • Maltese Self-taught outsider artist Shaun Grech.
    GEORGE GRIE GEORGE GRIE - 3D art Surrealism pictures.
    John Gritsiyenko John Gritsiyenko - Virtual gallery of Russian surreal artist John Gritsiyenko.
  • Jaroslaw J. MA Gruzewski - watercolors, drawings, photography.
    Ludwig Haas (2.1k) Ludwig Haas • A remarkable contribution to contemporary art has been accomplished by Ludwig Haas, an Austrian sculptor, who was the first to introduce direct three-dimensional steel sculpting into art.
    Halaburda (2.1k) Halaburda Philippe • selected figurative works since 1995. art website featuring the contemporary figurative paintings of Philippe Halaburda,this site mainly focuses on this painters artistic production since 1995. Prices of the paintings beetwen 100 and 800 euros..
    Wim Heldens (2.2k) Wim Heldens • Modern realistic oil paintings ( subject: people). E-mail
    Rocio Heredia - Artist Metalsmith (2.6k) Rocio Heredia - Artist Metalsmith • This site presents the work of Rocio Heredia, metal artist of the Mexican Contemporary generation. She uses traditional metalwork techniques of chasing and repoussé to raise intricate designs on Tin and Silver. Art Metals and Byzantine Iconography are re-envisioned to depict modern womanhood.
  • Johanan Herson - Born in Canada and currently residing in Israel with unique style of painting. Soft painting - tapestries, fiber art, acrylic painting, industrial art. Wall sculptures and hangings. Urban images, landscapes, animals. E-mail
    Andre Hoppe (1.8k) Andre Hoppe • combines 3D Art and Nude photos. E-mail
  • Bernd Horak - new generation of austrian contemporary art, official homepage.
  • Istvan Horkay H - 1137 Budapest, Katona Jozsef utca25, Phone: 36 13404785 E-mail, Horkay Istvan/Museum Factory Horkay's work combines original drawn and painted images, appropriated masterpieces, photographs, artists' signatures and commercial logos. These elements are digitally assembled, i.e., collaged, to create a single, layered moment. This work is post pop, i.e., post modern pop art. Whereas Warhol took moments from popular culture and turned them into history, Horkay takes history and turns it into a moment, as though the past millenium was a monolithic unit of time.
    Nino Hrzenjak (2k)Nino Hrzenjak • 42223 Varazdinske Toplice, Set. dr. J. Schlossera 1 a, Croatia, Phone: 098 713 104
    Alexander Chubar (1.1k)Alexander Chubar • Contemporary figurative paintings and drawings. Featuring still lifes, figures and interiors. Some artworks comprise erotic and mythological themes.
  • Martine Jacobs - pastel and new media artist.
    Wang Jane (3.1k)Wang Jane • 330033 Shanxi, Yatalu16, China • Tel/fax: 023-3444444 • You will find some paintings and works about zen - "The World of Lotus" Which will show you the unconventional pictures
    Daniele Jaquillard (2.8k)Daniele Jaquillard • Original paintings of the contemporary French artist Daniele Jaquillard. She lives and creates in Mougins, near Cannes, France.
    Alexandra Jicol (3k)Alexandra Jicol • The art work of the internatioanl artist painter, Alexandra Jicol, oil on canvas , acrylic on canvas and hand made paper,busts paints,computer art,poetry,philosophy, news.
    Robert M Johnson (2.7k)Robert M Johnson • Unique black & white documentary/decisive moment photographs of life in Worcester, Massachusetts. (1969-1981) Hometown of Robert Goddard, Abbie Hoffman and Denis Leary. Site of the worlds first cloned human embryo! Included are classic images from various locations throughout the United States... Also showing a small sample of color street images... By Robert M Johnson
  • Bartek Jurkowski - Quod Erat Demonstrandum... computer graphics - gallery.
    Rade Kacarevic (2.6k)Rade KacarevicE-mail
    Art Gallery of Original Oil Paintings, Landscape Art, Portraitst, Still Life Paintings by Artist Rade Kacharevich.
    Marcin Süss-Karwinski (2.6k)Marcin Süss-Karwinski • Glass design.
    Francis Keating (3.8k)Francis KeatingE-mail
    Black and White , color and sepia fine art ,nude , architecture , landscape , people and miscellaneous photographs by Australian photographer Francis Keating.
    Ernest A. Kienzl (2k)Ernest A. KienzlE-mail
    Objekte und Installationen, Arbeiten auf und mit Papier.
    Oleg Korolev (2.8k)Oleg KorolevE-mail
    Submitted paintings of Christian Contemplative Realistic style.
    Barb Kowalik (2.8k)Barb KowalikE-mail
    Unique hand painted floorcloths, wall hangings, furniture, objects d’art, boxes and more for your home. A splash of art that makes your world more you.
    Michal Kurc (1.8k)Michal Kurc • is a creative photographer Fellow of the Polish Republic's Photoclub.
    Tomasz Laczynski (1.8k)Tomasz Laczynski • Pracownia i galeria szkla artystycznego, rzezby szklanej i szklanych przedmiotow projektowanych przez Tomasza Laczynskiego.
  • Jack Lange (2.2k)Jack Lange
  • Sam Lantz - world of digital abstract art, view stunning artwork in the galleries and buy a high quality art print of your choice in the Online Store. E-mail
  • Andrzej Lech - fine art photography by well known Polish-American photographer.
  • Frank Lejeune - Meine presentation als kunstler und designer. Ich presentiere meine acrylmalerei, grafik, skulpturen und einige meine designs
  • Denton Lund - fine art oil paintings featuring Native American, western, wildlife, and visionary themes.
    J Patrick Lester (2.8k)J Patrick Lester explores and assimilates the great proliferation of art experimentation. His flexible style reflects great sensitivity to the unique expressive power of mixed media. Lester strives to engender a world without perimeters, a utopia of sorts with plausible, flowing colors that communicate and express exuberance, predilection, and curiosity. His work expresses both action and contemplation.
    J. Patrick’s distinction is indicative to his spiritual guidance. Each stroke cascades a vision that embodies faith and perseverance. His artistry emphasizes his jubilation as he abandons himself to climatic designs. Lester is an exuberant mix of Abstract Expressionism and philosophical grandeur.
    Galina Lukshina (2.7k)Galina Lukshina
    • Black on White, White in Black.
    Momcilo Macanovic (2.8k)Momcilo Macanovic gives attention to renewing the figure, returning it into the painting with the dignity and importance that it had throughout the long history of visual arts.
    Monika Malinowska (2.3k)Monika Malinowska • Artist virtual gallery, painting, prints, book ilustration and design. • Autorska galeria malarstwa, grafiki warsztatowej i projektowej. • E-mail
  • Marek Manderla - Surrealistic painting. (Malarstwo surrealistyczne, olej, technika mieszana). E-mail
  • El Manu - paintings,sculptures,jewllery made by our team.
    Andrzej Masianis (2.6k)Andrzej Masianis - Dawing and painting. • E-mail
  • Gianni de Mauro - italian watercolors and ink sketches.
    Randolphlee McIver (2.5k) Randolphlee McIverE-mail
    • Contemporary paintings, drawings and sculpture based on the human figure.
    Ana de Medeiros (2.1k) Ana de Medeiros • Malerin und Bildhauerin • E-mail
    Alban Meka (2k) Alban Meka • Albanian painter
    Peter Mitchev (2.7k) Peter Mitchev • Mitchev had the unique chance to exhibit together with Salvador Dali at Gallerie L'angle aigu in Bruxelles, Belgium. He gained major exposure in France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Denmark. In 1994, the artist joined one of the biggest cultural projects of UNESCO together with Cesar, Carsu, and Buffet and in 1997 the four of them had an exhibition at Hotel de la Monnaie, Paris
    Gala Moseevsky (1.5k) Gala Moseevsky • Belorussia, Gomel, Mezhdugorodnaya, 4/38
    Phone: +375 232 498931, E-mail
    • graphic artist and fashion designer at one. Author's artwork galleries suite: sketches, drawings, geometry shapes, embroidery ornaments, coloured graphics. Her creativity illustrates how art and fashion can be mutually beneficial.
    Robert Nazimek (1.2k) Robert Nazimek - Jewellery • W ofercie znajduje sie oryginalna, elegancka, recznie wykonana bizuteria. Galeria Nazimek prezentuje bizuterie wykonana z takich materialow jak: srebro, amber, drewno egzotyczne, koral, szklo oraz mineraly.
  • Juan Carlos Norero - Juan Carlos Norero Borguenson was born in Punta Arenas located in Chile. His training is in fine art and he is a graduate of the University of Nohant.
    Eugeniusz Oginski (2.5k)Eugeniusz Oginski • netspace art from Germany
    Yaroslav Ogorodnyk (3.5k)Yaroslav Ogorodnyk • Ukraine, 79053 Lviv, Vol. Velykogo str.95
    Agniszka Kirzanowska-Osińska • Radoslaw Osiński (3.4k)Agniszka Kirzanowska-Osińska • Radoslaw Osiński • Strona domowa Agniszki Kirzanowskiej-Osińskiej i Radoslawa Osińskiego. Zawiera prace naszego autorstwa.
    Mo Osman (3.5k)Mo Osman • Paintings by native of somalia artist and practicing physician.
  • Hennie van Overbeek - Sculptures of stone, brick, lead,bronze, glass and preciousstone.
  • Mitchell Ozog - Now that we have entered a new Century, and although it's just a number, it inspires reflection. A long time ago , I realized Art and (photography) is lifelong learning process. The gratification lies in the work and the learning itself. Whether it be nature, wildlife, landscape, or people portraiture, each shoot is both an adventure and a challenge. Mitchell Ozog exhibits of contemporary images which explore humankind, its lifestyles, its customs and relationships, through portraiture people, landscape and documentary photography. The gallery is open for artists who specialize in photography, and other artistic media. The web site is result of Mitchell Ozog life long love of art. The gallery is a exhibition space for photography, painting, and other art forms.
    Sergey Panayotov Sergey Panayotov • Fine Art, Nature, Bird and Stock Photography Gallery - birds, travel, landscape, makro, portraits, people, digital and black and white photography.
    Elena Paroucheva Elena Paroucheva • Art end Environnement.
    Nikolay N. Pavlenka Nikolay N. Pavlenka • Nikolay N. Pavlenko develop the ideas of russian realistic art school. The main creative theme is historical, mythological subject and portret.
  • Jaan Pärn - Famous Estonian jewelry designer Jaan Pärn.
    Raphael Perez  Rafi Perez Artworks • Paintings of a nude man, woman, portraits, still-life, flowers and naive style paintings. • E-mail
  • Józef Pogwizd - GRAFIK-DESIGNER. Quality traditional graphics...
    Paul Politis Paul Politis • Black and white photography of Paul Politis. People, still lifes, night photography and more. • E-mail
  • Igor Pose - Incredible photography,impossible painting,psiphodelic graphic,enigmatic watercolor.Eldorado for publishers,cure for collectors,culture schock for everyone...Be carefull and welcome!
  • Piotr Powietrzynski - presentation of his work as a professional photographer over the past 10 years.
  • Ramski Glass - Ramski Glass typ Galle * Pracownia Zdobienia Szkla Ramski Szklo secesyjne.
  • Markus Matthias Rapp - Dem Ausdruck des Menschen in der Enge seiner irdischen Bestimmung zwischen Hoffnung und Verzweiflung hat der Bildhauer Markus Rapp viele seiner Skulpturen gewidmet.
    Sylvie Robert (3.5k)Sylvie Robert • Virtual gallery of French Digital Artist Sylvie Robert.
  • Harris Rodney - Brick Sculpture by Rodney Harris, Painting by Valda Jackson, Brick Sculpture by Jackson Harris. E-mail
    Rybczynski (5.5k)Rybczynski - The artists family Rybczynski presents their works and their international centre for fine arts at the historical limekiln.
    Beate Sandor (3.5k)Beate Sandor - all art in one, flash site index of virtual portfolio and exhibitions. • E-mail
    Tatsuya Sato (2.3k)Tatsuya Sato - Travel black and white photography of fine art gallery including images from all over the world, everyday-people, nature, animals, landscapes, wildlife, culture and the environment on the road. • E-mail
  • Jan Sawka - selected paintings, sculpture, posters, set designs, and architectural scale multimedia works.
  • Tanya Schmidtke - Journeys in Time.
  • Beate Schroedl - sculptures in steel, LINKS to sculpture gardens, sculpture parks and sculpture galleries.
  • Nick Shiflet - Metal Art Clocks.
  • Manuela Katja Sommer - abstract, colorful paintings.
    Sonja • Art Studio 66 (2.2k)Sonja • Art Studio 66 - Surrealism in combination with abstract design. Very unique views and approach to this type of medium. • E-mail
  • Bernd Svetnik E-mail - see homepage
  • Malgosia Szuszkiewicz - artist homepage E-mail
    Lynn Traylor (2.1k)Lynn Traylor - Framed fine art batik paintings depicting jungle flowers, tropical birds and frogs, undersea scenes and landscapes. Featuring intense detail and strong colors yet remaining true to the original, ancient art form. • E-mail
    Amador Vallina (2.1k)Amador Vallina • Der spanische Künstler präsentiert abstrakte Malerei und Skulpturen aus Stahl und Papier. Er arbeitet in Deutschland und teilweise auf Mallorca.
    Machiel van Veen (2.1k)Machiel van Veen • Ireland, Cork, 10 Watercourse Mews, Watercourse Road • Photo
    Zoran Velimanovic (2.1k)Zoran Velimanovic • Serbia, Belgrade, Vlade Zecevica 17 • fantastic art
    Rado Vleugel (2.1k)Rado Vleugel - young Dutch surrealist painter.
    Urszula Wasilczuk (2.8k)Urszula Wasilczuk • Poland 60-338 Poznań • ul. Poranek 19c/1.
    Elisabeth Wela, Wierzbicka (2.8k)Elisabeth Wela, Wierzbicka • France, 95570 Bouffemont, Val d'Oise, 34, rue Ney • Phone: 0139915078, E-mail
    Sculpture, contemporary art.
    Adrian Welch (2.1k)Adrian Welch • Dark Fantasies in the Digital Realm: The Art of Award-Winning Artist Adrian Welch. A virtual art gallery and giftshop featuring unique lifelike graphics. A deliciously dark and esoteric labyrinth of fantasy and erotica to get lost in. Delve deep if you dare... • E-mail
    Jan de Weryha-Wysoczanski (2.1k)Jan de Weryha-Wysoczanski • Seite beinhaltet eine Künstlerarbeitsdokumentation von Jan de Weryha-Wysoczanski • E-mail
    Nyoman Wiratha (2.1k)Nyoman WirathaE-mail
    Vladimir Zunuzin (2.8k)Vladimir Zunuzin • Art gallery Vladimir Zunuzin. Art-shop. On this site you may buy works digital art. • E-mail
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