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Agora Gallery Agora Gallery
10012 New York, 415 west Broadway 5th floor
Phone: 212.266.4151, E-mail
Open call for entries to International Art Competition
  • Andrzej Mleczko Gallery - satyrical drawings by Polish artist.
    Apple Gallery Apple Gallery • Refreshingly new Approach to Art, Travel Photography with Unique Compositions from India and Ireland by Painter Photographer Dominique Beyens + Paintings and an Alternative Co-Opereative Chessgame in Colour (original concept).
  • April Group Fine Arts and Russian Painting Collectors Club present artists from the Leningrad School of 1930-1990s. Art Auctions Art Auctions • With over 1000 registered artists, creates the bridge between recognized artists, artisans, photographers, fine art galleries, architects, interior designers, and art collectors.
  • Artfocus - Artfocus Magazine and Cybergallery - Canada
    Art Gallery Farbiarnia na Pieknej Art Gallery Farbiarnia na Pieknej.
    00-547 Warszawa • ul. Piekna 28/34 • Tel: +4822 6217235
    Art Gallery Art Gallery
    Art Gallery Artmedia Art Gallery Artmedia • Artmedia Art Gallery is organizing and realizing exhibitions: painting and sculpture and different fine art projects, multi medial projects and advertising which is connected with culture and art in Artmedia gallery space, gallery of Ethnographic Museum and several galleries in Belgrade, cities in Serbia and Montenegro and abroad.
  • Art In Heart - Art In Heart is the leading gallery in Vietnamese paintings. The Gallery feels its honor to introduce a number of contemporary painters with their selected works of national and modern styles made of different materials like lacquer, oil, silk, paper..E-mail
    Art in'motion Art in'motion • We wish to encourage, reveal and allow young talents to expose their works, this via our virtual and accessible galleries sorted by domains and by artists. We also organize collective exhibitions and venues, in galleries, associative premices, bars... • E-mail
    artimport virtual gallery Artimport Virtual Gallery • Artimport Ltd. is a dealer of Hungarian and Russian paintings, E-mail
    Baturo Gallery Inez and Andryej Baturo • Photographers: landscape, horses, children. E-mail
    Copenhagen Art Gallery Copenhagen Art Gallery • Danish contemporary art and older Master Works from late 19th and early 20th century , E-mail
  • Asheville Art and Crafts American folk and outsider art
  • - Internet Art Gallery for Canadian Artists.
  • Casa Lamm Gallery • 06700 México, D.F, Alvaro Obregón 99 Col. Roma, Phone: (52) 55-5525-1332, E-mail
    Mexican and international contemporary art.
    Euro Art Gallery Euro Art Gallery, Victoria, Canada is fully devoted to present an exciting assortment of artworks by famous and well-established contemporary Czech artists as well as artists from other European Union countries. Our collection of fine art represents a great diversity of styles and subjects, designed to give you a very wide spectrum of fine art to choose from and purchase with confidence.You can find original lithographs printed from stone, hand-pulled original limited-editons prints, glass objects of art, sculptures, oil paintings etc.
    Fine Art China Fine Art China • WholeSale Oil Painting, Picture Frame, Photo Frame, Mirror WholeSale
    Fine Ars Prints (2.6k) Fine Ars Prints
  • Friulart Gallery This is a e-commerce website of modern handcraft from a region of Italy (Friuli Venezia Giulia). Friulart sell: mosaics (tipical local art), ceramics, wood sculptures, glass, cheesboards of wood
    All pieces are UNIQUE & ORIGINALS (no series, no copies, exist only one piece!)
  • Flora & Fauna Fine Art Batiks Gallery - Avian, Floral, Marine and Landscape framed art Batiks. Unique for their intense detail and strong colors, yet each remains true to the original, ancient art form. Each piece is an original creation, (limited edition prints are available for some pieces) executed on 100% cotton fabric and fully framed unless otherwise requested. Commission pieces are available, and are priced according to the complexity of the final work. E-mail
    Galerie Appassionata Galerie Appassionata • For over 40 years, we specialise in the Modern and Contemporary Art. Valtat Picasso Chagall... to Cesar Arman Schlosser Hartung .... Russian Painters, Charchoune Exter larionov Gontcharova, Lanskoy etc. Monumental sculptures by cesar gilli raynaud a sun wu.... • E-mail
  • Gallery-2000 Modern Fine Art for You.E-mail
    Original oil paintings and watercolors by contemporary artists for your collection, home & office decoration. Unique gifts for any celebrations & anniversaries. Custom-made paintings. Portraits by photo. Favorable prices. Worldwide delivery.
  • Gallery-F Internet Art. E-mail
  • Galerie Manon - the extraordinary world of Lebanese art.
  • Graphic Art Galleries - Various digital paintings galleries available + the TOP SITES, vote the best ones, add your graphic art links too! E-mail
  • Modern Art Gallery and Painting Studio
  • Net-Galeria - non profit polish website promoting artists.
    Polish Posters Gallery (2k) Polish Posters Gallery • An online gallery with Polish posters. Large selection of Wiktor Sadowski posters for film, theater, opera and advertising.
  • Powell River Art - Fine artists of Powell River and lower mainland.
    REDVictorianart (2.3k) REDVictorianart • Art Gallery. Painting, graphics, sculpture.
    Paintings from Romania (2.4k) Paintings from Romania • by local artists, about People, Abstract, Landscape, Still life.
  • Sacred Voice Gallery - Painting and sculpture in a figurative style influenced by surrealist pop art in Toronto Canada.E-mail
    Kunsthandel Widder (3.9k) Kunsthandel Widder • We are one of the leading Austrian Galleries specialising in 19th and 20th century Austrian Fine Art. We are maintaining several Homepages of artists we are representing; most of them are internationally acclaimed.
    Gallery Shazina (1.2k) Gallery Shazina • Contemporary art collections Painting • Skulpture • Graphic • Cameo • Design • Performance • Photoengraving. E-mail
    Signature Fine Art Signature Fine Art is THE quinessential Las Vegas online art gallery that features internationally acclaimed artists as Alvar, Anton Arkhipov, Royo, Alexandru Darida, Bill Mack, Frederick Hart, Ramon Parmenter, Alexander Volkov, Henry Asencio, Howard Behrens, Michael Flohr, Nikolai Blokhin, Olivia Guzman, Todd Warner, Jia Lu, and Tang Dynasty Art Group and more....
  • Stop4art - is a fine arts virtual gallery whose mission is to provide the opportunity for buying and selling artwork on the World Wide Web. You will find a variety of original artwork featured on our site including paintings, sculptures, photography, mixed media and much more.
    Tang Dynasty Art Group (1.7k) Tang Dynasty Art Group • The premier dealer for China's finest artists. Ke Liang, Cui Ruzhuo, Luo Hao, Tang Zhi Zhong, and many more artists who bring to the world of today, the spirit China's greatest period of artistic excellence, the Tang Dynasty. From traditional to contemporary, Tang Dynasty Art Group has fantastic works of art to please the most refined tastes.
    TC Art Gallery by Katharina Yakovina TC Art Gallery by Katharina Yakovina • TC Art Gallery represents phtographs, paintings, prose and poetry.
  • Umberto Passini Posters - Vintage and Contemporary Film Poster Art from Italy

    Wagner Bazarin Art Gallery- Art Gallery from Sao Paolo, Brazil representing leading international artists

    Canadian Indian Art GalleryCanadian Indian Art Gallery - Unique collection of Native Canadian art sculptures from the Coast Salish Culture

    Visual Art Gallery (1.9k) Visual Art Gallery. • Fine Art Gallery exhibiting fine art by contemporary european artists. E-mail

    Canadian Indian Art GalleryWooop - pictures: reproductions, posters, art prints.


  • The Worldwide Art Gallery - All things art site. Art History, Art Directory, Kids' Art Gallery and education resource, free art quiz (win prizes) plus contemporary international and Australian Art. (0.7k) • Japanese hanging scroll paintings, scroll boxes, scroll weights, scroll mounting and custom calligraphy scrolls . E-mail
    Zaxeez (0.7k) Zaxeez • High Quality Art Ancient Reproductions - egyptian,greek,celtic,pre-columbian,religious,mesopotamian,assyrian,oriental,hindu,posters.

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