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Helena Vondrackova - NOVA  NOVA is both in one: an avant-garde and at the same time an old idea originated from the desire to leave one´s own signs of being and existence in a given moment. The following old element is the fact of leaving signs somewhere, for example the prints of our ancestors' hands in the Lascaux Caves, which are still a mysterious puzzle until now and open the question of sense and meaning; engraving one's own names or names of close persons in tree barks, park benches or walls; entries into memory books; embroidery monograms on table linen; spray painting graffiti etc. Leaving signs on a ready work of art that transforms in a short time is the new element.

  The first NOVA came into being in 1995 and is the idea of Janusz Stralkowski (artistic pseudonym "JANUS"), an artist who lives and works in Austria. He paints a unique picture (usually abstract, most often a music interpretation) and lets the spectator(s) leave a sign on it in the form of a signature, thought or drawing. The result is the creation of a graphic space entwining the primary form independent from the original, created by the people present at the spectacle, event or jubilee. A unique document of a given event comes into being, it can constitute an ornamental and at the same time an archive element for events like openings, anniversaries, important firm celebrations, birthdays, important meetings or weddings. You can practically use that idea in a any situation of social life. Each NOVA has registration number, date and place of its origin. The following ones are the most important works of the NOVA 9 series: NOVA 9 "Meeting with Roman Polanski" created on the occasion of realizing the musical entitled "The Vampires´ Dance" in Vienna (Austria), NOVA 18 "Meeting with Hasegawa" - outstanding artist of Japanese origin, living in France, NOVA 41 "Meeting with Beata Tyszkiewicz" NOVA 69 Fashion show with Carmen Kreuzer. The NOVA works decorate the walls in many firms and private homes. Among other places, they can be seen in the offices of the following firms: Prosper S.A. (Warsaw), Salus International (Katowice), Die Erste Sparkasse (Vienna), Weingut Jurtschitsch (Langenlois-Austria).

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